Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whynot MS Dirt Track Series Race - 5/22/2010

Saturday May 22nd the MS Dirt Track series made a stop at Whynot Motorsports Park. We got a lot of rain Thursday and Friday but it was hot and dry Saturday and the track was in good shape. Spencer qualified 2nd and started out strong but the other #11 kart, Cruz Skinner was able to hold on to the lead and cruise to the win but the race was on between Spencer Hughes and Aidan Eldridge for 2nd. Unfortunately the tape in the camcorder ran out with 2 laps to go but they were side by side coming off turn 4 on the final lap and Aidan beat Spencer to the stripe by 1/100th of a second. It doesn't get much closer than that :) Check out the video.

I also made my Whynot go kart debut in the adult clone engine class. I qualified 6th out of 21 but on the 1st lap the 6 kart and the 13 got together sending the 13 spinning. I though he was gonna spin towards the infield but just as I made my move to go high his kart shot back up the track in front of me. My kart hit his the backed into the wall then was hit again by the kart behind me. I was unable to continue due to a bent bearing hanger on the right rear but other than that and the bumper both the kart and driver are in good shape. I do hope they invest in a few more hay bales next time cause that concrete wall doesn't budge ;) Here's the video.

Jennifer took lots of pictures. They will be posted on the P & R Photos site as soon as she can get them sorted and uploaded.


Steve said...

At 27 seconds of the Lap 1 track video, you get the commentary too, Oh...no...my god!"

tlm said...

Eek. I'm pretty impressed that foul language wasn't audilble!

Hughes Family Racing said...

The lack of profanity is due to my sister being the cinematographer. If my D300s had been set to video instead of still shots, the language would likely have hit R ratings!

The still shots will hopefully be available for viewing on the P&R site later this week. I can honestly say that it took a couple of clicks before I realized that was my husband I was shooting up against a wall!

Thanks for the comments. Even if they are friends from my other blogs, at least someone is commenting! :)

Take care - Me

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That looks so exciting - I've never seen a go kart race before!