Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whynot MS Dirt Track Series Race - 5/22/2010

Saturday May 22nd the MS Dirt Track series made a stop at Whynot Motorsports Park. We got a lot of rain Thursday and Friday but it was hot and dry Saturday and the track was in good shape. Spencer qualified 2nd and started out strong but the other #11 kart, Cruz Skinner was able to hold on to the lead and cruise to the win but the race was on between Spencer Hughes and Aidan Eldridge for 2nd. Unfortunately the tape in the camcorder ran out with 2 laps to go but they were side by side coming off turn 4 on the final lap and Aidan beat Spencer to the stripe by 1/100th of a second. It doesn't get much closer than that :) Check out the video.

I also made my Whynot go kart debut in the adult clone engine class. I qualified 6th out of 21 but on the 1st lap the 6 kart and the 13 got together sending the 13 spinning. I though he was gonna spin towards the infield but just as I made my move to go high his kart shot back up the track in front of me. My kart hit his the backed into the wall then was hit again by the kart behind me. I was unable to continue due to a bent bearing hanger on the right rear but other than that and the bumper both the kart and driver are in good shape. I do hope they invest in a few more hay bales next time cause that concrete wall doesn't budge ;) Here's the video.

Jennifer took lots of pictures. They will be posted on the P & R Photos site as soon as she can get them sorted and uploaded.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Causeyville Raceway - 5/15/2010

Saturday May 15th we returned to Causeyville Raceway for a regular Saturday night show. We had some storms roll through around 3:00 PM but although there was a lot of wind and lightning not a lot of rain fell. After some track work by the Dirt Track Doctor, Bill Moffett the track was in great shape but because of the time and the fog rolling in the decision was made to cancel the heat races and go directly from qualifying to the features.

Ellie qualified 2nd and was able to take the lead in her feature race but Chase Griffith was hot on her heels. An entanglement with a lapped kart was all Chase needed to snatch the lead. Congratulations to Chase on the win and Ellie for a very hard fought 2nd place. The video is below.

Next it was Spencer's turn. Since there were no other purple plate karts we had to switch engines and add 25 pounds so he could move up and run with the blue plate class. He qualified on the pole and cruised to the win in the feature. Below is the video.

Finally it was time for the highly anticipated Adult Amature Clone aka The Old Man Class. With some driving tips from Spencer and Ellie and some top notch tire prep from Jennifer and Grandaddy Chief I was also able to qualify on the pole and cruise to the win ahead of Ernie Burgess, John Griffith, and Randy "Too Fast" Rawson. Take a look at the video.

This week we will be heading to Whynot Motorsports Park where Spencer and I will be racing in the MS Dirt Track Series race. Ellie will be working collecting transponders when the karts come off the track and Jennifer will be fulfilling her pit crew duties as well as taking pictures for P&R Photos.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hughes Family Racing on WMOX radio

On Thursday May 13th the Hughes Family Racing Team made a guest appearance on Sportsline 1010 on WMOX 1010 AM. Unfortunately there was a mishap with the recording equipment and the first half of the show where Spencer and Ellie did most of the talking did not get recorded but the last half of the show can be heard at


We really enjoyed our visit and want to thank the show host "The Wizard" and the station owner Bill Smith for having us.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dalton Riley Benefit Race

It started raining about 8:00 PM Friday and a very light rain kept on until around 11:00 AM Saturday. Most of the out of town racers didn't show because of the rain but the local folks were there along with a few from Louisiana and Alabama. Thankfully a lot of people showed up to buy BBQ plates. Spencers bottle tree went into a raffle along with some gift baskets donated by Mathis Peaches and Produce and some free magazine subscriptions from Chase'n Race'n Illustrated. All of the racers who finished in the money donated their winnings to Dalton. Over $5000 was raised at the track and several of the racers who could not make it are sending donations in the mail.

It was a really good day for the Hughes Family Racing team. Ellie won her class. No other karts were there in Spencer's class so he moved up to the 10 to 12 year old "blue plate' class and he won also. Finally it was my turn. I qualified 3rd and was running 2nd when the leader politely spun out and I inherited the lead. So the old man was able to pull out a victory in his first ever go kart race. After the race Randy Rawson, Causeyville Raceway and MS Dirt Track series promoter borrowed our go kart for a special grudge match with Denise Lamonte from Louisiana. Denise won (although Randy swears she cheated) so Randy will be wearing a pink dress to the drivers meeting at the Whynot MSDTS race on May 22nd.

Sorry no videos from this one but the photos are online at P & R Photos We are very excited since this was Jennifer's first time shooting pics for P&R Photos/Chase'n Race'n Illustrated. This is an opportunity for Jennifer to learn from the best in the business, Rowdy Jordan and it also gives our readers the opportunity to order prints and other great merchandise from P&R Photos such as, Checkbook Covers, Coffee Mugs, Dog Tags, Eye Glass Cases, Hitch Covers, Key Chains, Key Hangers, License Plates, License Plate Frames, Light Switch Covers, Memo Holders, Mouse Pads, Photo Tees, Wall Clocks, Wall Plaques, and Water Bottles. Customized Photo Products from P&R Photos are an outstanding way to show your support for your favorite racer! Our products also make great gifts for any occasion! All of our products are Dye-Sublimated, a process that actually "fuses" inks onto the product. This results in vibrant, long lasting images that resist fading and certainly won't peel like a heat transfer.

This week we have a regular Saturday night race at Causeyville then next week we go to Whynot. Results to follow.