Sunday, March 21, 2010

MS Dirt Track Series @ Causeyville - March 20, 2010

The MS Dirt Track Series opener was at Causeyville Raceway on March 20, 2010. We were excited about starting the series out at our home track and were also happy to have Rowdy and Pam from Chase'n Race'n Illustrated here to cover the race.

Spencer qualified on the pole for the Jr Purple race. At the start of the feature Spencer pulled out to a slight lead but Jacob Pender was hot on his heels. They caught up to a lap kart and Spencer tried to pass him on the outside but the kart turned up into Spencer and allowed Jacob to snatch the lead. A caution tightened the field up and in a couple of laps Spencer got his nose under Jacob coming in to turn 3 but Jacob was coming down and his left rear clipped Spencer's nose and it turned him around. In my opinion neither driver was at fault and they should have been put back in 1st and 2nd but they didn't ask my opinion and sent Spencer to the rear. He was back up to 2nd in a couple of laps but ran out of time to challenge for the lead. Congratulations to Jacob on the win!

The video is posted here.

At the end of the night they held the 1st annual Rodney Bounds Memorial Jr Pro and Sr Pro Shootouts in honor of a long time racer who recently passed away. The Jr Pro was originaly set for $750 winner take all but the series promoter let the drivers vote at the drivers meeting and they voted overwhelmingly to pay $500 to win and $250 for 2nd.

Spencer qualified 3rd for the shootout. After one try at a double file start and several tries at single file (karts kept going dead) the race finally went green and stayed green flag to flag. Spencer was able to move up to 2nd and he held off some hard charges by Jarrod May and others before finally using lap traffic to put a comfortable distance between himself and 3rd place. Congratulations to the winner Cole Daffron and to Spencer for hanging tough and bringing home the 2nd place money! For those of you who aren't fellow racers Jr Pro is for ages 9 to 14 and just in case you're wondering about the level of competition Cole Daffron is the defending Maxxis National Champion in Jr 2 (age 10 to 12) ;) Many thanks to the Bounds family for sponsoring this event!

Here's the video.

Jennifer took over 400 pics. I'm sure she will have them posted soon.

* Actually, I ended up taking 501 photos. Not all are great, but time prohibits me from editing and sorting. Enjoy! - Jennifer

Friday, March 19, 2010

Causeyville Practice Day

We had a great day of practice on March 6th! Johnny even got in one to test it out. Ellie quickly showed him how to pass! ;)