Thursday, May 20, 2010

Causeyville Raceway - 5/15/2010

Saturday May 15th we returned to Causeyville Raceway for a regular Saturday night show. We had some storms roll through around 3:00 PM but although there was a lot of wind and lightning not a lot of rain fell. After some track work by the Dirt Track Doctor, Bill Moffett the track was in great shape but because of the time and the fog rolling in the decision was made to cancel the heat races and go directly from qualifying to the features.

Ellie qualified 2nd and was able to take the lead in her feature race but Chase Griffith was hot on her heels. An entanglement with a lapped kart was all Chase needed to snatch the lead. Congratulations to Chase on the win and Ellie for a very hard fought 2nd place. The video is below.

Next it was Spencer's turn. Since there were no other purple plate karts we had to switch engines and add 25 pounds so he could move up and run with the blue plate class. He qualified on the pole and cruised to the win in the feature. Below is the video.

Finally it was time for the highly anticipated Adult Amature Clone aka The Old Man Class. With some driving tips from Spencer and Ellie and some top notch tire prep from Jennifer and Grandaddy Chief I was also able to qualify on the pole and cruise to the win ahead of Ernie Burgess, John Griffith, and Randy "Too Fast" Rawson. Take a look at the video.

This week we will be heading to Whynot Motorsports Park where Spencer and I will be racing in the MS Dirt Track Series race. Ellie will be working collecting transponders when the karts come off the track and Jennifer will be fulfilling her pit crew duties as well as taking pictures for P&R Photos.

Hope to see you there!

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