Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brandon, MS-Indoor Thunder #3

Life's kinda busy right now with non-racing stuff. Strange, I know, that we dare to have other things going on beside racing. ;) I'll try to get Johnny to update you on what all happened. Until then, here's the still shots I was able to take. If you need larger images for printing purposes, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.
Thanks - Jennifer

Well of course the coldest weather in 20 years rolled in for the Brandon Race. After hoping and praying it would be called off we (Spencer and I) decided that if they were having it we would be there. When Spencer got ready to go out for practice Friday night it was so cold the little bit of moisture inside his throttle cable housing froze and we had to replace the throttle cable before he could go out. Thankfully Ellie decided not to practice and 1 round was enough for Spencer.

We arrived back at the track bright and early Saturday morning with temps in the lower teens and 15 to 20 MPH winds. It really was not too bad since we had heaters and cold weather clothes but it was cold enough to make me swear off any future winter racing plans. There's a reason racing is supposed to be a summertime sport ;)

Ellie qualified on the pole and led every lap of the Beginner Boxstock $100 to win shootout race! Woo Hoo go Ellie.

Spencer qualified 2nd in Jr Purple and he was in the lead by lap 3 and led the rest of the race. Spencer didn't have quite as much luck in the Jr Pro shootout. He qualified 9th and was able to move up to 6th.

Jennifer ordered a professional video from Kato Video Productions so as soon as it comes in the mail we will try to post it.

See ya'll when it warms up,