Monday, October 5, 2009

MS Dirt Track Series @ Pontotoc Kart Speedway 10-3-09

We went into the final race knowing that to win the Series championship we would have to finish ahead of 03 Cole Brown. Unfortunately for us Cole did an outstanding job, qualifying on the pole and leading every lap to secure the win and the championship. Congratulations to Cole for an awesome season! We had 6 races and 4 different winners with Spencer and Cole picking up 2 wins each and Konner Copeland and Jacob Pender with one win each.

Spencer qualified 3rd and fell back a couple of spots early in the race. On the flatheads if you fill them too full of fuel it will cause the motor to stumble when they go through the corner. Although we filled it to the same point we always do, we had not been on a track where we turned 10 second lap times and the additional gforce must have caused the fuel to slosh up and block the vent. The 2nd place kart spun out and during the caution Spencer pulled into the pits because he thought his motor was messing up. I realized what was happening and sent him back out but the rule is that if a kart leaves the track for any reason they have to start in the rear. To complicate matters the transponder (scoring device) got knocked of the kart in the wreck and it came down to a photo finish between Spencer and Jacob for 3rd place. From our view as well as Spencer and Jacob's view it looked like Spencer passed him before the start finish line but Jacob was scored in 3rd place.

It was a heartbreaker for the #11 team but we were able to hang on to a 2nd place finish in the points and we are now looking forward to the Maxxis National Championships Oct 16-18 in Neeses, SC.

Big thanks to Russell Hunt with Outlaw Motorsports and Jeff White for all the setup help throughout the year!!

Here's the video from the feature.

Here are the photos from Saturday. I've gotten my camera back from surgery, but I think there may be some scar tissue. ;) I'm still trying to convince Johnny that a D300s would make the kids go faster.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. Spencer really picks his way through the field.

Hughes Family Racing said...

Thanks! Imagine how many points he'd get if they gave passing points! :)

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

19 / 19 I'm guessing?
Hope it was a fun trip for the family.