Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aug 8th MS Dirt Track Series - Jr Purple Feature

Spencer qualified 4th but was able to bring it to the front for the win!


Anonymous said...

Spencer seems to like running out front.

Was that a little bump from the runner-up at the end?

Hughes Family Racing said...

Yes, I do think, as with most racers, the front position is the favored position. :) His sister is the same way - they try to say clean air, less dust, etc. but I know they just like making it easier on me - the Mom. ;) They're thoughtful like that.

Yes, that was a not so little bump from the runner-up at the end of the video. In fact, my sister didn't catch all of it because by then we were moving toward them. You never know how far that bump will go in the racing world. It really ticks me off that he's allowed to race like that. Anytime Spencer does something we deem unsportsmanlike, he is made aware of it as soon as we can. We may not do it in front of his peers, but you can bet that I'll get on to him once we're at the trailer. This class is the 8-10 year olds and if they're not taught good sportsmanship and manners at this age, they will only get more rough and violent on the track. I know Spencer and Ellie aren't perfect racers, but I have to hope that they are learning they can race clean and still win.

-- stepping off soap box now --

Thanks for the comment! :) Jennifer